Can´t live without my Radio

30 Jul 2021
Time passes, and we are hanging in to get new releases out. There´s some great stuff in the pipeline, you will get noticed once it's pressed. In the meanwhile, our music is being played by DJ´s around the world, for example by Mr.Scruff on Worldwide.FM or on WXOX 97,1 FM in Louisville, Kentucky. If you played our Music, and we missed it, please drop us a note.
End of August we are playing a DJ Set on Brooklyn's Kpiss.FM, we are happy if you tune in and say Hi on the chat.


New Remix on Black Pearl Records

6 Feb 2021
Our Mates at the Black Pearl Records HQ asked us for a favor, so we started to work on a Remix for O.N.O.´s Song "Out of my Mind." The Track is available as Digital Download on the Black Pearl Records Bandcamp, check their entire Catalog as they have great Releases e.g. the recent Clara Hill Album or the Bosporus Bridges Compilation.

Voyage Funktastique Vinyl and Streaming

15 Jan 2021
Time goes by, and we try to remain positive in tensed times. For us Music has been a tool of escape at any time- even if there are dark winters here in Central Europe with Lockdown, Racism and other BS going on around us. We can easily shift and distract ourselves with Music to find Positivity and Hope.

To start off the new decade we are happy to announce that we have a 7" and Digital Streaming Release coming out on 29th of January 2021 on the Canadian Label Voyage Funktastique, which is driven by Homie Walla P and also a Sublabel of Bastard Jazz.
The Drop features the two Tracks: 'You Got It Baby' and 'Crampjuice' the A Side is an older Tune we created around 2008 and only saw the daylight on a small CD Release in 2012. It got slightly modified and newly mixed and feels better than ever, as this the song has aged with dignity and remains timeless. On the flipside you can find our homage to the mainstream DX7 sound, which we - like many things after 1985 - overlooked for many years.
You can order Your Copy on Bandcamp already or at a later point in time at hhv, Fatbeats and Juno.
Listen on Spotify
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Dig Mag - Feature

27 Aug 2020
The British Magazine Dig Mag sent us an inquiry a while ago on a feature for their Boogie Funk Special Issue. For those that have not heard of this Zine, DIG Mag is a CD-sized magazine that celebrates the musical discoveries of some of the best diggers out there. We contributed a review of Lonnie Jordan’s Song „Fine Foxy Lady

Lonnie Jordan is known for being a founding member, keyboard player and lead singer of the Funk band WAR.
In 1982, he released the second of his three solo LPs called „The Affair“. The album offers a nice variety of Jordans skills as a composer. From dance to sweet Soul and Jazz Funk. It's all in there.
The album contains the song „Fine Foxy Lady“ on the B side which is funk banger and really stands out. A dance floor filler with that good feeling vibe which make you want to dance straight away.
The song is a good example for the Funk sound of the early 80s which has a different approach compared to the late 70s Disco era. The combination and use of well-chosen instruments results a balanced mix and make it pleasant to listen to it.
The real drums give you that natural feeling layered with drum machine clap sound and its big reverb tail which is characteristic for the 80s sound production.
The interaction between the synth bass and the accentuation of the slapped E-bass really defines the term FUNK if you ask us how to describe this genre. The rhythm guitar supports the groove and it is only played where is needed.
The use of the Prophet 5 synthesizer sounds are a nice contrast to the rhodes piano especially int the chorus part where the hard sounding lead sound played over the mellow chord progression. Lonnies outstanding voice is well layered with the ideal reverb amount and make it sit in the mix perfectly.
Glad to have found this LP two years ago in a record store in Berlin and hope to discover more treasures like this in the future.

The Magazine is finally out and you can get your copy at a local Record Shop or order online. Here you can even listen to the Mix of all Songs, that have been reviewed for the Magazine.

Hot Stuff 8 - Feature

17 Jul 2020
We really love underground Zines since we were young. At the time it was more Graffiti related, but we always keep our eyes open for the development of this great Medium.
When Dutch Digger, Rare Acetate Collector and DJ Disco Patrick asked us if we want to contribute to his own Magazine-Project named „Hot Stuff“ we were happy to do so.
We selected 10 Songs from multiple artists and created Reviews for it. Read the entire Magazine here and let us know what You think.