Stardust EP

13 Nov 2017
Here comes our next release on Omega Supreme Records: the Stardust EP together with Bybofunk. It comes with four strong tracks full of groove. Check the mini-mix for pre-listening.

Limited to 500 Vinyl Copies, also available soon on AppleMusic/iTunes and Spotify.

Toe Jammin/Pleasure for your Treasure

16 Oct 2017
Up next is a publication we really look forward to: the final release of our early material from 2009 as vinyls. Back then, we produced 200 CDs and distributed them ourselves, eventually selling out. Almost 8 years later the staff at Star Creature Universal Vibrations from Chicago reached out to ask for a reissue. All tracks got remixed and remastered and we are starting with the timeless songs “Toe Jammin’” and “Pleasure for Your Treasure’’ on the handy 7” format. Now available here!

Ströer Brothers - Night Falls RMX

3 Oct 2017
It’s the year 1988 and the Summer Olympics are being held in Seoul, South Korea. The Goethe Institut is in charge of the German cultural contribution and, together with the Kunstdisco Seoul, creates a mix of architecture, theater, dance, performance and music.

The Stroer Bothers, Hans Peter and Ernst, are responsible for the musical curation and release of a limited 12” vinyl that has been unavailable for a while.
Now the rare Kustdisco Seoul Ouvertüre record has been reissued. The original recording tapes have been mixed and remastered once again in addition to brand new remixes, including ours.
Available on Black Pearl Records - don’t sleep on this one.

If you noticed the difference in the Cover Artwork, you can see the Silhouettes of Jelly and Nanthara, as said available on 12" Vinyl and as Audio Files. Prelisten here.

Soundtrack for L.A.

25 Jul 2017
When Sport meets Culture our Hearts start to beat faster, so we were excited to do this G-Funk Instrumental as contract work.

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Atlantic Starr - I´m in Love (Retouch)

29 Jun 2017
It´s Summer Time and things are going great. We want to share some Love and got our hands on this classic Atlantic Starr Piece. Keep your eyes open for our upcoming Releases.