First Touch is one of Germany’s best-kept secrets when it comes to soulful Music. Ranging from Boogie, Disco, Modern Soul and Electronica, these folks have been quite active internationally instead of focusing on releases for the German market. This might be due to the fact that the group’s founders reside in two different cities - Mannheim and Berlin, or because such contemporary music scenes tend to expand globally instead of collapsing locally.

Founded in the mid-2000s, the breakthrough has come about within the last two years with the release of the Knockout EP on Omega Supreme Records; broadcaster Boiler Room featured the track “Beweg Dein Körper” on multiple channels. At this juncture, First Touch was already experiencing a good deal of success and, as the group started making its mark by publishing new material characterized by its own original sounds, requests quadrupled overnight.

Recently, they have been en vogue with the disco banger “Prove your Love” featuring Misumami and the Krautfunk Remix of “Night Falls,” originally recorded by German production duo Ströer Brothers. New projects in the pipeline are the Stardust EP featuring Bybofunk and the reissue of the 2009 original First Touch self-titled debut album as a re-mastered double vinyl release. This piece pays homage to the early ‘80s boogie funk and earns First Touch a spot next to DamFunk as pioneers of the modern funk scene. Keep your eyes and ears open as the release of another long player is high in the band’s priority list and take it easy while you have a listen to previous First Touch tunes.



2009 - First Touch self titled LP / Highsteppin Records  2011 - Nike Football / Nuri Sahin Videoclip (Music production)
2011 - B. Bravo ft. Lady Alma / Substance (unreleased)  2011 - It´s Yours / Stylin´500 Comp
2013 - Positive Flow ft. Omar / Do What I Do
Remix Competion/ Tokyo Dawn Records (2nd Prize)
2013 - You Got It Baby / 13 Tracks Comp / Yosoy Records 
2014 - Montana Cans / Videoclip (Music Production)  2014 - ZDF Kultur / Slim / TV Documentary (Music production)
2014 - Monophonic ft. Nadine Demetrio / Somewhere there is Music (FT Rmx)
Yosoy Records
2014 - Sure feels good to me / Rock The Box Comp. / Hot Shot Sounds
2014 - Estate & Liquid Pegasus / Tendencies (First Touch Rmx) 2014 - Adam Stacks / Windowshopper (First Touch Rmx) / Tiefblau Records
2014 - Dream Island EP / Velvet Crush Records 2015 - Addvibe / Diamond (First Touch Rmx) / Cyperjamz Records
2016 - Daycruising EP / Born To Shine Records  2016 - Beweg Dein Körper / Boiler Room Debuts
2016 - Knock Out EP / Omega Supreme Records  2017 - Amin Payne & First Touch / Wait a minute /
Born to Shine Records