Our Album on Spotify and iTunes

26 Feb 2018
As earlier announced this Month we are happy to see our original Album getting released by the Label Star Creature from Chicago. Besides the Availability as Double Vinyl LP you can listen, stream and save our Music digitally on Spotify and AppleMusic/ iTunes. Enjoy!

Selftitled Album as 2xLP

11 Feb 2018
Back in the year 2009, we had a handful of good songs so we thought it’d be a good idea to shove them into our untitled debut album. We produced 200 CDs and distributed them through our own label highsteppin’ getting very positive feedback from all around the world, even if people asked themselves who was still digging that classic, early 80s boogie-sound.
The CD eventually sold out and over the years several labels reached out to us as they wanted to make our music available on Vinyl - it never worked out in the end.Then Chicago’s own Tim Zawada of Star Creature reached out and got it all in: Double vinyl release, with new mix-downs and remasters including an unreleased bonus track.
Sells very fast, do not sleep on this one. We will even offer copies on our webshop soon. Stay tuned for more surprising projects!


Touchy Selects - our Spotify Playlist

2 Feb 2018
As we live in a World full of too much Input we put together a Selection of great Music that we like and recommend. This Playlist will be updated constantly, so make sure to follow us and let us know what you think.

OSC - Hip Tramp (RMX)

27 Jan 2018
The „Outta Space Crew“ is a funk band covering genres like Old School Funk, Breakbeat Classics, P-Funk and HipHop. Based in our Hometown Mannheim we got to know each other at local B-Boy Circles. When they told us about their plan to self-release their first record we were happy to add a Remix of the track Hip Tramp. Get your copy at our Webshop.


Stardust EP

13 Nov 2017
Here comes our next release on Omega Supreme Records: the Stardust EP together with Bybofunk. It comes with four strong tracks full of groove. Check the mini-mix for pre-listening.

Limited to 500 Vinyl Copies, also available soon on AppleMusic/iTunes and Spotify.

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