The Meltin` Spot

14 Mar 2017
We are back with the party series "The Meltin` Spot" in our hometown Mannheim. The kick off for 2017 is going to be an exclusive session, as our band leader Jelly turns 50. We asked some friends we met along the journey to join and celebrate an extraordinary night with us. #letsallmelt



Tribute to Whitney Houston

11 Feb 2017
Five years have already passed by and we have made the effort to pay tribute in a very special way. #whitforever

Webshop Launch

2 Feb 2017

Last year we created a few t-shirts with our logo for family and friends. When we shared the imagery on social media, the response was so huge that we’ve now decided to launch our web shop where all friends, fans and supporters can access First Touch gear and music publications.

We are able to offer an optimized quality and fair trade t-shirts made of organic cotton featuring a proper cut with a high quality silk screen print for €19,90.-
If you have questions about the products, just drop us an email.



Two recent Releases

9 Dec 2016

If you work on multiple projects, you could lose track or, simply, you could be positively surprised by sudden and frequent publications. So, as we are focusing on future projects, we are happy to hear that two already-concluded collaborations are now seeing the daylight:

Amin Payne – Wait a Minute
The talented producer Amin Payne is based in Melbourne, Australia and publishes a 7“ on BTS. It includes two tracks: "Bad Juice“ featuring Roughsoul and "Wait a Minute“ which we composed together. Now available to preorder, shipping begins in January 2017.



Addvibe – The Diamond
Do you remember the legendary tune "Brothers“ by Addvibe? Back in the days, we listened to and played this song over and over again, so we were even more honored to collaborate with the Norwegians a while ago. The outcome is the remix of the track "Diamonds“ which we put together and, after being remastered, is now available for everyone.

Questions or comments? Drop us an email:

Interview with Bybofunk

6 Sep 2016
This week will mark the official release of Bybofunk’s album titled “Dream On.” We sat down for a short interview to get to know him better.

What type of music do you produce and why?
Bybofunk: It started when I was a kid listening to my dad's cassettes in the car with bands of the 80s era. For example, I remember knowing the duration of the rhythms, grooves and breakdowns. I loved listening to Barry White, head nodding and whipping to the beat. It was clear to me that one day I’d be making music by myself, as my entire family has always be fanatic about Jazz, Soul and Funk. When it comes to genres, I am rather open: not everything needs to have early 80s sound. I am really into New Jack Swing, so acts like Guy or Heavy D really inspired me.

What stands behind the title of your debut album "Dream On"?
Bybofunk: The message is to follow your dreams and never give up, no matter how you feel. You need to get up and work hard every day to fulfill your dreams.
The listener can expect a 6-track album with a good variety of styles. You get a mixture of fat synth bass, jazzy chords and mellow strings. The end result is a mix that ranges between 80s Funk and Gfunk. Besides this you can recognize elements of New Jack Swing, clearly in the track "Superintelligence" with features such as specific chords mixed with 80s synth sounds.
How did the collaboration with First Touch come to life?
Bybofunk: I first heard of First Touch around 2004 when a friend showed their demo to me. It felt incredible that there is somebody that produces good modern Boogie and surprisingly comes from my neighbor city here in Germany. Over the years we got in contact and checked out each other’s tracks and shared them. Finally in 2015 we started to work on my debut album “Dream On” together which meant spending hours jamming. We had a lot of fun and I learned a lot.
What are your next steps?
Bybofunk: There are multiple things in the pipeline: currently I am working on an instrumental EP characterized by a mix of modern Funk and Gfunk and it will soon be available for digital download. Besides this I am happy to announce that there will be a vinyl release on Omega Supreme Records which will represent a tighter collaboration between First Touch and me. This will be out in summer 2017. We have already been working on those modern Boogie tracks for a good while and I can promise your ears will like it. Keep it funky!

Bybofunk´s album "Dream On" is available on vinyl and for digital download

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