The latest...

How is everyone? We are going through the next covid-winter and remain hopeful and positive. The impact of Music on our lives will always show a light behind dark clouds. In the meanwhile, we are creating new music and working on different future projects. 
Continuously we are getting love from DJs and Radio Stations all around the world, so here are three recent placements:

Dj Spinna from Brooklyn put a great DJ Mix together for Carhartt and integrated his Remix of our Song "Do You Really Wanna Dance With Me" from the Sofea EP. Check it out!

London-based Laani has her weekly Radio Show on Worldwide.FM- in her recent show she played our Italo Boogie Edit of "The Rain Machine" which is coming out later this year on G&D Records Inc. It will be a Vinyl-only Release, so don`t snooze and check the earlier G&D Records Releases.

From the state of Virginia comes Ologist with his Better Beat Bureau. He put together an eclectic DJ Mix on Universal Rythms Radio that has just been aired. It includes our classic "Pleasure For Your Treasure" besides other great Music.
Re-listen to the entire show on Mixcloud.