Ströer Bros - Night Falls (First Touch RMX)

Black Pearl Records is very proud to present a real 80´s futuristic proto club banger from the STRÖER Brothers. The original track "Night Falls" was only released on a very limited hand-spread promo 12inch, which was especially pressed for the Kunstdisko art-project for the 24th Olympic games in 1988 in Seoul / South-Korea. Together with the Goethe Institut under the lead management of Jürgen Drews, they created the mammoth "Kunstdisco" project for the country Germany, which was located at the Yoido Ankara Square and took part for the german Seoul Olympic Art Festival.
The Ströer Brothers, who were responsible for the video & music sector as well for the presentation of the live-show, invided and encouraged 25 young german composers and producers, among of them was the young Berlin DJ West Bam & his brother DJ Dick, to produce new music for the Kunstdisco between Rap and new electronic club music from the end of the 80´s. DJ Westbam & Dj Dick were spinning vinyls, that were to be heard at the Kunstdisko only!
The Ströer Brothers themselves produced & presented an special overture and a stage performance, that raised the roof every night. Further in these night sessions they played one-hour-gigs with music of their "Nomaden Project" together with Howard Fine & Nadeen Holloway.